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Plantation Shutters

Did you know that Home Fabrics offers Custom Plantation Shutters?

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Plantation Shutters are more popular than ever as homeowners everywhere are recognising their potential as a long-term investment to replace traditional blinds and curtains. Plantation shutters are characterised by their tilted louvers, which are similar to the slats on blinds. Unlike blinds, the shutters are fitted to the window frame and they can be swung open on hinges like doors, rather than being opened with a pull-string.


While our plantation shutters have the timeless, elegant appearance of traditional wooden shutters, they are actually Polycore. You are probably wondering what that means; Polycore is the world’s only solid synthetic shutter with a co-extruded aluminum core. They have a baked on waterborne paint and are both fire retardant and moisture resistant. Polycore shutters are also extremely energy efficient and act as a strong insulator against the heat.

Because each louver is reinforced with an aluminum core, they will never warp or sag like our competition's shutters. Our shutters come with a Lifetime Warranty! If your shutters ever need adjusting or malfunction due to a manufacturing defect or installation error, we will make it right at no cost to you!

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Because the Polycore shutter is moisture resistant and guaranteed to never warp, crack or split, they are suitable for use in wet environments like bathrooms and kitchens.




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